Examples of M&A projects published by our clients

IT & Services

Actuaires & Associés SA (handling of pension funds)
Animalia (pet insurance)
Beaulieu Exploitation SA (trade shows & events)
Cap Ciné (theaters)
DPN (cleaning)
Elca Holding SA (IT services)
e-Xpert Solutions SA (cybersecurity)
Friderici Spécial SA (transportation)
GDI (IT services)
Haut-Lac Ecole Internationale Bilingue SA (education)
HIM SA (hotel management school)
Max Studer Interim (temporary employment agency)
Pial SA (industrial cleaning)
Pro-Concept (IT software)
Schneider Transports SA (transport)
Smart Télécom (telecom and internet operator)
Swissbilling (fintech)
Welcome Group (travels)